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Camp Staff

Want to know more about our awesome camp staff? Check out their bios below! Parents of camp staff can check out the Camp Staff FAQ's below to find out more about her summer working as a camp counselor. Applications for Camp Staff employment can be found here

Camp Staff FAQ's

When do Camp Staff work and when do they have breaks?

A typical week of camp for camp staff starts on Sunday afternoons with a staff meeting starting at 3 pm and ending on Friday at noon. Most Camp Staff will work weekend camps every other weekend throughout the summer. During those weekend sessions, camp staff have time off from Friday, after our end of session meeting, until 3 pm when we have a staff meeting and get ready for our new campers. If we do not have weekend camp, camp staff are off from Friday after our end of session meeting until Sunday at 3 pm. They do not need to stay at camp on their weekends off, but may if they would like.

During times when Camp Staff are working and there are campers at camp, each staff member will take a two hour break. This is a time when staff may go for a run, go into town, take a nap etc. Camp staff may also get their phone and use it in the staff lounge or in their cabin.

Can Camp Staff use cellphones?

Camp Staff may use their cellphones, but only during appropriate times. Each staff member will have a pocket in the office where they will keep their cellphones when they are working. Cellphones may be used when camp staff are on breaks, time off or at night in their cabins once campers have gone to sleep. Cellphones MUST be checked back in to the office by flag. If they are not checked in by then, counselors will lose the privilege of having their phone at night and will only be able to use it during their breaks and time off.

What are Camp Staff Start and End Dates?

We hire camp staff for various positions at both of our camps. Sometimes these positions start and end at different times. Camp Staff receive hire letters which will state specific start and end dates. They may not follow these dates.

CAP Leadership Staff: May 29th - August 11th

Waterfront Counselors: May 29th - August 11th /12th

CAP Cooks and Nurse: May 31st - August 11th

Unit Leaders/Counselors: June 1st - August 11th/12th

TAM Staff to TAM on July 24th - August 12th


Courtney Russell Thompson- Outdoor Program and Camp Manager
Camp Name: Yooper

This will be my third summer overseeing Girl Scouts of Silver Sages’ Camps. My favorite part of camp is closing campfire and walking around camp hearing campers laughing and having fun at their program blocks.

I grew up attending summer resident camps and have worked for camps in California, Michigan, Colorado, South Dakota and Idaho. When I’m not working on camp or outdoor programming, I can be found exploring Idaho, playing with my two dogs or cuddled up watching Harry Potter. 


Eryn M. - Camp Alice Pittenger Camp Director
Camp Name – Catnip

I'm from Boise, ID. but I currently live in Pocatello, ID. My favorite part about camp is being able to see how much fun the campers have in an outdoor setting. Girls gain so much from being outside, singing songs, and being silly that when they leave camp they are a totally new and confident Girl Scout! I love to see that transformation. 

When I’m not at camp, I'm a third grade teacher! I love to hike, camp, and be outside. I also love to read and travel! This will be my third summer at Camp Alice Pittenger.


Haley Wokersien - Camp Alice Pittenger and Camp-Ta-Man-A-Wis Camp Director
Camp Name - Stormy

This is my forth year working Silver Sage Girl Scout camps. I first joined as a camp counselor in 2013. In 2015, I was a camp director at both CAP and TAM. This year I will be coming back as a camp director. I also worked for the Silver Sage council on the membership team for 3 years. 

My favorite part of camp is both opening and closing campfire. It is exciting to see the girls enjoy opening campfire because they are so excited to see what is going to happen. By closing campfire it is fun to see all the girls join in the songs they learned over the week as well as the skits they come up with.

Outside of camp, I teach PE/Health to K-8th graders and coach basketball. I am excited to return to camp and make new memories!


Claire Ruru- Camp Alice Pittenger and Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis Program Director
Camp Name: Kai

I am from Christchurch, New Zealand and this will be my second summer at camp. Last summer I was the waterfront director and this summer I will return as the program director. I loved every minute of camp especially getting to experience and be part of the whole camp experience as we don't have anything like that where I am from. The campfires are also a highlight. I love to travel and experience new things and cannot wait to get back to camp this summer.