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Girls who want to be members of Girl Scouting but are unable to participate in troop or group activities can register as an individual member known as "Juliettes."


Why Do Girls Become Girl Scout Juliettes?

Girls may participate in Girl Scouts as a Juliette if they live in a town or neighborhood where there are no troops. Or, there is no additional room left in a troop, so a girl may become a Juliette until they can be placed in a troop. It's also possible that a girl may have been in a troop member at one time, but her troop no longer meets. Or, maybe a girl has other activities that make it difficult for her to attend troop meetings.


Regardless of why a girl chooses to become a Girl Scout Juliette, there are still many fun things to do!


Juliettes can participate in any of the five Pathways. They can earn badges and Highest Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold), sell cookies and Full Circle Fundraising products to help pay for destination travel, Take Action projects, and more! 


Click here to learn more about Girl Scout Pathways.


Contact Information and Locations

Toll Free: 800-846-0079

Boise: 208-377-2011

Twin Falls: 208-733-9623

Pocatello: 208-234-9076

Idaho Falls: 208-524-4649

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