Girl Scouts of Silver SageWhat Is Your Girl Scout Story?




We know our girls are doing amazing things in our community and beyond,
but we don't always hear about it...


In order to:

  • Shout out to everyone about the great things Girl Scouts are doing;
  • Raise community awareness about Girl Scouts;
  • Elevate the girl scout (gs) presence in our area;
  • And, assist with continuing growth and development of the Girl Scout program;

We need to hear from you!

What are your girls doing to make a difference in the world? 


It's simple to share your story. Here's how:

  • Click here to access a Microsoft Word version of the "Share Your Story" form. Prefer a .pdf file? Click here.                    
  • Complete the form and submit it--and pictures, if you have them--via e-mail to
  • Prefer to send your story via hard copy? No problem! Mail to:

          Girl Scouts of Silver Sage
          Attn: Program Department
          1410 Etheridge Lane
          Boise, ID 83704






Contact Information and Locations

Toll Free: 800-846-0079

Boise: 208-377-2011

Twin Falls: 208-733-9623

Pocatello: 208-234-9076

Idaho Falls: 208-524-4649

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