Girl Scouts of Silver SageWhat Does "Take Action" Mean?



Take Action projects encourage you to think about the big picture and to address problems in such a way that they do not reoccur. Most important, your Take Action project changes the world in a meaningful way.


More Specifically, Take Action Means:

  • Identifying Community Needs: In order for you to start work on projects, you must first find out what the community is in need of. To qualify as a Take Action project, you will need to identify the root-cause of the issue you choose.
  • Becoming Resourceful Problem Solvers: You will need to come up with creative ways to solve the problems you encounter.
  • Advocating for Yourself and Others Locally and Globally: As you learn about issues in your community and work to solve them, you must stand up for the issues you believe in, influence policy, and identify ways to continue your project goals into the future.
  •  Inspiring Others to Act: Spread the word about your experiences, educate others about issues that are important to the community and inspire others to act.
  • Feeling Empowered to Make a Difference in the World: Develop leadership skills and use the knowledge you’ve gained through your experiences to improve your community…and the world!

Make the World a Better Place!

Take Action projects progress in complexity with a girl's age level. Your Journey Take ACtion project outline will help you determine what Take Action means at each program levle. This what Take Action CAN look like for younger girls -- but, most likely, what would would see below applies to Juniors through Ambassadors.

Root Cause To take the first step toward truly solving any problem, we need to identify the underlying reason the problem exists.
Sustainability Girls must makearrangements, such as collaborating with community leaders and/or organizations or building alliances with mentors, to ensure that the project creates lasting change and is not a one-time event.
Measurability The success of the project can be determined based on the number of people who were involved, a reduction in the community's need, and any other concrete numbers.
A Take Action Project  

And consider adding a Global Thinking component to your Take Action project...

  • Could the impact of your project benefit individuals, or a community, somewhere else in the world?
  • Could imput from people in other areas of the world facing similar issues be helpful to YOU when you're putting your project plan together?
  • Share what you've learned beyond your current social and support network! You could make a considerable impact just by spreading the word.

Because Take Action projects provide girls with the foundation they need to complete any of the three Highest Awards, adding a Global Thinking component to the mix, regardless of the type of project underway, sets them up for success.

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