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Participate with your Girl

Girl Scouting has a lasting impact on girls.

Involving your daughter in Girl Scouts provides her with values, leadership development, diversity awareness, life skills, and community connections that last a lifetime. 


Girl Scouts is a values-based organization. Girls who express a strong commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law are most likely to make positive moral decisions throughout their lives.

Leadership Development

Opportunities exist at all levels for leadership development. At each program age level, girls take on increasing leadership roles and responsibility for their own actions.

Diversity Awareness

The Girl Scout Promise and Law provide a moral compass for girls and teach them to respect one another and the differences that define individuals and cultures.

Life Skills

Girl Scouts develop the courage, confidence, and character to succeed in their adult lives.

Community Connections

Community service is at the core of the Girl Scout program, and girls of all ages strive to make the world a better place.

Be Involved With Your Girl Scout!

Take an hour and get involved! You’ll become a part of your girl’s life and will enjoy watching her grow as a leader, as a member of a team, and as a girl. While the girls are first in Girl Scouting, it’s a lot of fun for grown-ups too!

Support Her Troop

A successful Girl Scout year depends on cooperative and involved parents. The most active, vibrant troops have regular involvement by parents. When everyone contributes a part, the girls gain. Ways you can become involved:

  • Bring snacks for a troop meeting.
  • Help at a troop meetings throughout the year. You can provide activities, or be a program resource to broaden the girls’ experiences with your expertise.
  • Attend all parent meetings.
  • Help by being the troop’s cookie manager or treasurer.

Adult volunteers are the driving force behind Girl Scouting. Without them, the Girl Scout program would be impossible to sustain. Adult volunteers serve in a variety of positions, such as troop leaders, registrars, and trainers. They are given training, support, and help to make their volunteer contribution one that is personally meaningful. Volunteers build skills, share talents, meet other adults with common interests, try new experiences, have fun, and spend quality time with their daughters and her friends. Your troop is a volunteer. You can support her and your daughter by making a difference in the life of a girl, and discover the possibilities as an adult volunteer. You can

Work with Girls.

  • Be a mentor to girls and guide them as they explore their interests and learn about possible careers.
  • Work as a troop leader or advisor, leading and advising girls as they grow strong.
  • Lead a workshop and help girls learn a skill you’re passionate about.

Reach out to the Community.

  • Be an advisor to girls working toward their Girl Scout Gold or Silver Awards.
  • Be a translator and assist with outreach to non-English speaking communities.
  • Work on a Council committee.

Develop Your Leadership Skills.

  • Plan activities, coordinate training and fund raising, and serve as a liaison with community organizations.
  • Organize or direct events for the Girl Scouts and potential members.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities in Girl Scouting.