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Girl Scout Camp is a place for every girl to try new things, push herself, perhaps even fall down, and get back up. It’s a place where she is surrounded and supported by girls, where she can go beyond dreaming to actual doing!

Whether she’s hiking to the top of a mountain for the first time, starring in an all-camp skit, hitting a bullseye, or steering a canoe she’s answering the call to adventure, growing in confidence, and discovering the power she has to change the world!

Registration is open!

Scroll down to see individual sessions, or click below if you already know which camp session you would like to attend. 


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How to Register for Camp

How to Register Online

1. Click REGISTER for the session you want to attend.

2. Sign in (if you registered online before) or create your new user profile. This is different than your membership “My GS/Girl Scout” Login.

3. For an individual girl attending camp, register each girl separately. $50 non-refundable deposit will be required at checkout.

4. If a group is registering, please have one adult register each girl or adult in one registration. Use the camp registration form in the camp brochure to know what to expect you’ll be asked for to register each participant. $50 non-refundable deposit will be required for the group at checkout.

* Core Camp: main contact adult should gather all information and register the group together. You can go online later to adjust as needed.

* Me & My Gal, Jack & Jill, Family Camp: main contact adult should gather all information and register the group together. You can go online later to adjust as needed.

5. Grade is the grade the girl is going into. Many sessions are grade specific to ensure programming is for those girls only. If you want an older or younger girl to be able to attend that session, please contact us. We will have to manually register that girl once approved by the camp manager.

6. If a session is full, you will get a notice when you click on “register” that all registrations will be waitlisted. Please complete the registration. You will not be asked to pay the deposit at that time.

7. Confirmation for online registration is immediate and will include important information, including how to modify the registration or make additional payments.

8. Online registration with credit card deposit is the fastest, most accurate way to register. Paper registrations can be accepted if needed, however they can take 1-3 business days to process and spots may fill. If you want to use cookie dough for the deposit, we suggest you register online with credit card and then mail/bring in the cookie dough for reimbursement.

9. If you feel attending camp would be a financial hardship, please apply for financial assistance, called Camperships. You will find a question during the registration process for girls in most sessions asking if you need financial assistance. One request per girl per season; must be girl members of Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council.

10. You can add additional camps by clicking keep shopping.

For questions, please call 208-377-2011 or email

Camps at Camp Alice Pittenger

Nestled among majestic pines, Camp Alice Pittenger (CAP) is located on the beautiful shores of Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho.  At CAP, girls go swimming, fun-yaking, and canoeing, they experience the team challenge course, archery, hiking, crafts, and Girl Scout camp traditions. Pioneer Girl participants venture off-site for horseback riding.

June 16 – 21
Grades: Entering 2th - 5th

Once upon a time, campers journeyed to Camp Alice Pittenger to discover all the magical powers behind their favorite Disney princesses- camp style! Skip down to the waterfront to practice your mermaid kick and fun water dances just like Ariel. Be inspired and paint with all the colors of the wind just like Pocahontas. Learn about the forest creatures that live in the woods around camp like Snow White. Get the fabulous princess treatment at spa night where you will get to create and use natural beauty products. Complete your enchanted week with a princess parade around camp!  

June 16 – 21
Grades: Entering 6th - 8th
$355/person (session includes robotics)  

Padawan, do you have what it takes to master the force and defeat the dark side? Head off to a galaxy far, far away to attend Jedi training. Conquer the ultimate obstacle course on land and in the water to test your skills of balance, persistence and strength. May the force be with you as you create a light saber and program your own droid. Explore the galaxy through stargazing and using constellations to tell stories about the night sky. “Don’t underestimate the Force”- Darth Vader  

June 23 - 28
Saddle Up
Grades: Entering 2nd - 8th 
$480/person (Horse Session) 

Calling all horse lovers! This week of horse camp is made just for you. Become an expert on the skills you need to take care of a horse including what brushes to groom with, how to tighten a saddle, and how to feed a horse a treat right out of the palm of your hand! Gain confidence as you take the reins and learn how to ride a horse at a walk and trot. Lastly, go on a picturesque trail ride through the beautiful mountains around McCall. When not riding horses, have a Wild West themed week at camp including a hoedown and pony themed crafts. This riding program is open to riders of all levels- beginner to advanced.  

June 30 - July 3 
Grades: Entering 2nd - 6th 

Make a splash this summer celebrating all the things that mermaids love in this fun-filled four-day overnight camp! Jump into the lake for splash contests, fun relay races and silly synchronized swimming. With your new friends, create a huge sandcastle on our sparkling beach. Using canoes and kayaks, explore the waterfront area for clues to treasure hidden in the deep. After all the fun in the water, end the week with a special mermaid slumber party and a floating campfire celebration.  

**We will be offering a shuttle from our Boise office for the #mermaidlife session.  Cost is $35 per girl, round trip.  One-way return trip option, for the return trip only -- $20 per girl.  This add-on must be registered and paid for by May 25th, 2019.  Space is limited.

July 7 - 12
Cadette Challenge
Grades: Entering 6th - 8th 

An all-time favorite, Cadette Challenge, is back for a 5th year! Get ready for a jam-packed week of adventure and skill building! Safely raft the rushing white water of the Main Payette River and paddle your way across Payette Lake to have a sleepover on the island. Take the ultimate challenge by going on a 6-mile overnight backpacking trip! Back at camp, get creative with the secret ingredient in an Iron Chef style cookout over a campfire. Earn the bragging rights and opportunity to preserve your name in camp history by placing a paddle on the outside of Spirit Lodge. Discover new friendships, confidence and new skills at this ultimate adventure camp!  

July 7 - 12
Mad Scientist
Grades: Entering 2nd - 6th $375/person (STEM Session) 

What do slime, homemade ice cream and floating tea bags all have in common? Science! Roll up your sleeves and join us at CAP for a week of hands-on science fun! Create experiments that pop, fizzle and explode (safely, of course). Explore the engineering process by building and testing structures culminating in a competition to see who can build a device to protect a fragile piece of nature when dropped from ten-feet high. Stroll through the forest and discover the secret life of the critters around us. Take home instructions for the experiments so you can wow your parents and friends with your scientific knowledge.  

July 14 – 19
Hogwarts Camp
Grades: Entering 2nd – 10th 
$375/person (STEM Session) 

Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express and discover the magic of camp! Get sorted into your house by the sorting hat, compete in a Quidditch match, cook up tasty potions, and even make your very own wand to take home! Search the stars for constellations while discovering the fascinating world of astronomy. Hike through the enchanted forest to encounter the fantastic beasts and learn where to find them in our magical camp. Wingardium Leviosa! Alohomora! Lumos!  

July 21 - 26 
Adventure Seekers
Grades: Entering 4th – 8th 

Channel your inner adventure seeker for an epic week of challenges and outdoor skill building! With your new friends, build a fort out of nature and use it as your home base during the ultimate game of forest dodgeball. Practice your perfect paddle stroke as you canoe to a picturesque picnic spot on the shores of Lake Payette. Be courageous on a night-hike where you will discover what naturally glows in the dark. Balance on a stand-up paddle board during a morning session of SUP yoga. Round out the week by sleeping out under the stars with all your adventure seeking friends.  

Teen Programs at Camp Alice Pittenger

June 16 - 28 
Counselor-in-Training (CIT) 
Grades: Entering 9th - 12th $450/person  

Do you dream of being a camp counselor one day? Discover our inner leader! In this two-week long camp session, you will have the opportunity to learn all that goes into creating the kind of exciting and magical experience you had as a camper. Make a difference in a young girl’s life while focusing on the different program areas at camp including the waterfront, arts and crafts, low ropes and outdoor skills. Attend a special overnight CIT trip to bond with your peers and celebrate your accomplishments.  

July 21 - 26 
Teen Retreat
Grades: Entering 9 - 12th 

Hey teens, escape the stresses of high school and join us for a nature retreat up at Camp Alice Pittenger. Enjoy a relaxing time on our beach, hang out with new friends while preparing a delicious treat for a picnic potluck, create a meaningful painting on canvas, learn balance while practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board. With your fellow teens and the mentorship of our outstanding counselors, decide which traditional camp activities you are interested in attending. 

Camps at Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis

Located near Swan Valley in Eastern Idaho, Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis is every girl’s outdoor dream.Girls will spend their time backpacking, working on their archery skills, making new friends, and learning how to do leather crafts, arts and crafts, fire building, outdoor cooking, orienteering and stargazing make each girl’s time at TAM memorable. 

July 29 - August 3 
Grades: Entering 9 - 12th 

Are you a full-fledged cowgirl excited to share your passion of horsemanship with younger girls? Grab your cowgirl boots because this session is all for teens that love horses! In the Wrangler-in-Training program, you will hone your leadership skills and share your knowledge about everything equine with the campers enrolled in horse camp. Saddle up on horseback with your fellow WITs for advanced riding lessons and spend extra time around the horses. When not helping around the barn or trotting around on trails, participate in all your favorite camp activities. 

July 29 - August 3 
Horse Camp
Grades: Entering 3rd - 8th 

Giddy-up cowgirls! It is time for a week of horseback riding fun in our on-camp corral! With your camp friends by your side, discover the tools needed to groom a horse and then try your hands at using a curry comb, a finishing brush and a hoof pick. After the horses are beautiful, saddle up and ride your horse at a walk and a trot in the corral. Go on an adventurous trail ride where you can appreciate the beauty of the natural world while balancing on horseback. Around the campfire, giggle the night away with your new friends sharing all the stories and adventures of your horse-filled day!  

To ensure all girls in this program are assigned to the proper horseback riding lesson, please self-select your camper’s riding level (Cowgirl Up or Take the Reins) so she can be placed in the appropriate horseback riding lesson. During all other activities and in sleeping arrangements, girls will be grouped together by grade even if in separate horse-riding classes. 

Cowgirl Up: This level of riding is right for me if: 
I love horses!
I don’t have a known fear or allergy to horses 
I have minimal experience riding horses, but I might have gone on a trail ride or pony ride in the past 
I want to learn more about taking care of horses 

Take the Reins: This level of riding is right for me if: 
I can demonstrate control while maintaining a safe basic balanced position while the horse is walking 
I can correctly hold the reins  
I can halt a horse all by myself 
I can ride a horse without being led by an adult 
I can lead a horse comfortably 
I can mount and dismount a horse with assistance from an adult  
I have attended horseback riding lessons, have gone to horse camp or have experience with horses at home 

August 5 - 10
Cadette Challenge
Grades: Entering 6th - 8th

Your magnificent summer adventure is about to begin! Push yourself as you discover the challenge of walking on wires and ropes suspended 30 feet up in the air at a high ropes course. Soar on a state-of-the-art zipline. Get your adrenaline pumping as you and your fellow campers paddle a raft through rushing white water! Frolic and romp through the National Forest with your backpack in search of the perfect campsite for a night of camping out under that stars. This week will inspire stories and the sense of adventure for a lifetime.  

August 12 - 17 
Wizarding World Camp
Entering 3rd - 10th
$250/person (STEM Session)  

The Wizarding World of Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis is complete with fantastic beasts, mystical creatures and magical enchantments. Brew your own potions and hunt for dragon eggs. Learn how to conjure fire and enjoy a delicious treat as a reward. Become a Quidditch player, test your courage defeating the Dark Arts, and mingle with other wizards at the Leaky Cauldron. Don’t forgot to bring your wizarding and magical apparel! 

Troop and Family Camps

*Important - For the safety of our girls, all adults attending any troop or family session must be registered Girl Scout members and have a current background check on file with Girl Scouts of Silver Sage. 

Core Camp 
Grades: Entering 2nd - 8th 

Take your troop on an adventure that they will be talking about for all next school year! Girls will giggle, cheer, sing and create memories together. Our core camp sessions are an easy and fun way for girls and their adult volunteers to experience the great outdoors together! Our outstanding and qualified camp staff lead activity areas, provide knowledge of outdoor skills and nature, and provide leadership and guidance during meals and all-camp group activities. Troop leaders and volunteers get to join in on all the camp fun while providing supervision and guidance to the girls. Best of all, our summer camps are safe, hands-on and inspiring.  

Camp program fees include all program areas, meals and supervisory staff (including lifeguards, kitchen staff and health care staff). Each troop should bring at least two adult volunteers or leaders. Please pick the date and location of core camp that works the best for your troop. 

Core Camp 1  - Camp Alice Pittenger, June 21 - 23  

Core Camp 2 - Camp Alice Pittenger, July 19 - 21  

Family Camp

The more the merrier! Gather as a whole family for an unforgettable camp getaway! Between hiking, archery, campfires and special all-camp activities, there’s tons of activities that the whole family can enjoy together. Frolic with your family around our beautiful and rustic campsites surrounded by tall pine trees and quaking aspens. The adventures you share together will become memories, silly songs and cheerful stories that you will cherish all winter long. At Girl Scout family camp, everyone is invited to join in on the fun including parents, grandparents, cousins, and even little brothers! Book your next family vacation with Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Camps! Each family should consist of at least one registered Girl Scout and all adults attending must be registered Girl Scout members and have a background check. All meals are provided, and accommodations sleep up to eight people. All families will be placed in their own sleeping accommodations.  

Family Camp - Camp Alice Pittenger, July 4 – 6
$600/ Cabin  

Join us for a 4th of July camping experience you will never forget at our camp in McCall, ID! Rediscover the feeling of an all-American summer camp with your family by your side. Enjoy a delicious outdoor cookout over an open fire. Learn or perfect outdoor skills including archery, paddling and nature exploration. Discover the relaxing sounds of nature on an afternoon wildlife stroll or push yourself on a challenging adventure hike. Celebrate the 4th of July by traveling into town to watch fireworks or staying at camp to roast s’mores and sing around a campfire.

Me and My Gal - Camp Alice Pittenger  
Grades: Entering 1st - 8th  
$300 per pair, $150 for each additional camper 

Choose the weekend that works best for you: June 14 - 16 or July 12 - 14 

Hey Girls! Bring your aunt, mom, grandma, adult sister or another special female caregiver to Camp Alice Pittenger for an unforgettable weekend retreat! Enjoy all the fun outdoor activities that camp has to offer while spending quality time together. At the arts and crafts cabin joyfully nicknamed the Tinker Shop, create a keepsake piece of art together as a memento of your time at camp. 

Splash, dive and laugh together in the swimming area. Go on a canoeing adventure and see who is the fastest paddler. Girls just want to have fun at Camp Alice Pittenger!  

Each girl and her female relative share a cabin with another pairing based on grade level. Parents and guardians are responsible for participating with and supervising girls. Campers can request a buddy group for their cabin.  

Jack and Jill: Wild Water Weekend 
Camp Alice Pittenger 
June 28 - 30
Grades: Entering 1st - 8th  
$300 per pair, $150 for each additional camper 

Grab your uncle, dad, grandpa, adult brother or another special male caregiver in your life for a weekend of water fun, luau style! What is more exciting than a day at the lake paddling canoes, stand-up paddle boards and fun-yaks? Of course, there will be an opportunity to get creative with watercolor paints at arts and crafts. Don’t forget about our camp luau complete with grass skirts and leis! This camp weekend is going to be a total splash for you and your guy! Adults are responsible for participating with and supervising girls. Each girl and her male relative will share a cabin with another group based on grade level. Campers can request a buddy group for their cabin.

Camp Add-ons!

Add-on Lake Cruise Available:

See McCall, Idaho and beautiful, pristine Payette Lake like you’ve never seen it before while cruising on board “The IDAHO.” Hear about local history and various points of interest during your cruise. The cruises are at a special Girl Scout rate of $15 per person. This must be pre-ordered and paid in full by May 25, 2019. All participants must arrive 1 hour before the cruise begins. 

CAP Core Camp 1 - June 23rd, 2019- 2:00 to 3:30 pm 

CAP Core Camp 2 - July 21st, 2019- 2:00 to 3:30 pm 

Me and My Gal 1 - June 16th, 2019- 12:00 to 1:30 pm

Jack & Jill - June 30th, 2019- 2:00 to 3:30 pm

Me and My Gal 2 - July 14th, 2019- 2:00 to 3:30 pm

Work At Camp!

Learn more about working at one of our beautiful summer camps by visiting our Camp Employment page.

Camp Philosophy & Goals

Goals and Objectives for Camper Development

The following list details goals and objectives for Camp Alice Pittenger and Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis.

1. To build girls of courage.

a. Girl Scouts will participate in three or more activities to promote being courageous which could include the challenge course, outdoor cooking, camp songs, camp skits, swimming, smallcraft and/or nature.

b. All Girl Scouts will participate in getting-to-know-you games during the first 24 hours of camp to help make it easier for girls to be courageous in meeting new friends.

c. Staff will provide Girl Scouts with positive comments and encouragement to explore new activities and to stand tall in moments when courage is needed during their time at camp.

d. Staff will act as role models for girls to look up to while they are at camp.

2. To build girls of confidence.

a. Each unit will participate in closing camp skits and songs that they will create together giving girls the option to confidently sing in front of the whole camp.

b. Each Girl Scout will be able to participate in activities which include swimming, archery, smallcraft, and arts and crafts throughout their stay at camp where she will be able to gain confidence in praciticing new skills.

c. Staff will provide Girl Scouts with positive comments and encouragement to feel comfortable being their true selves while at camp.

d. Staff will act as models for girls to look up to while they are at camp.

3. To build girls of character.

a. Girl Scouts will live in cabins within a unit amongst other Girl Scouts. Within these groups, campers will be part of community-learning to make group decisions.

b. Each Girl Scout will participate in at least one unit kaper, all-camp kaper, or cookout kaper.

c. Each Girl Scout will participate in a democratic decision-making process within their unit to decide what activities they will do during block four each day as well as deciding on what activities they do during cabin’s own.

d. Girl Scouts will participate in meals served family style to promote a sense of community and togetherness.

e. Staff will act as models for girls to look up to while they are at camp.

4. To build girls who make the world a better place.

a. Girl Scouts will participate in at least one leave Leave No Trace activity during their time at camp.

b. Each Girl Scout will learn how to use resources wisely while at camp by participating in at least one activity which could include, outdoor cooking, arts and crafts, meal times and/or nature.

c. Girl Scouts will participate in taking only what they need at meal times.

d. Staff will act as models for girls to look up to while they are at camp.

Our Philosophy
Summer camp is a special place where magic appears, friendships are made and girls learn not only about themselves, but about the outside world in which they live. It’s a place where girls are able to challenge themselves mentally and physically in a safe and fun environment. The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage’s summer camps, Camp Alice Pittenger (CAP) and Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis (TAM) hires over 40 individuals from all over the United States and internationally, to bring the magic and fun our campers crave. Safety and supervision are top priorities at CAP and TAM. We highlight respect for self and others, trying new things and giving girls an opportunity to accept and be accepted. Our staff believes in the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Our Training
Safety and supervision are top priorities at Camp Alice Pittenger and Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis. Staff consists of adults who are carefully screened and selected based on their abilities to work with youth in an outdoor setting. During this time, staff will be trained on Girl Scout Basics, Site Use, Day To Day at Camp, Camp Programming, Outdoor Skills, Health, Safety, and Emergency Procedures, and Behavior Management.

Thanks to our generous camp sponsors: