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Summer Camp Reimagined

A reimagined adventure begins this summer! Camp Spirit and Camp Echo are perfect for your girl to develop new skills, find self-confidence, and explore the world around her in a safe, fun environment. 

With many sessions to choose from, she can explore her artsy side, build her outdoor science skills, cook up a storm, and so much more. No matter which session she chooses, she’ll get to participate in traditional camp activities, discover adventures with new friends, and make lasting memories all while keeping her engaged.

Girl Scouts' dedication to progression in outdoor programming means that your girl will practice age-appropriate skills and gain the experience she needs to feel confident taking the next step in her summer camp journey.

Girl Scout Camp Spirit and Camp Echo is open to ALL girls - no prior Girl Scout experience needed to attend!


Camp Spirit - Virtual Camps

A Reimagined Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Virtual Camp Experience!

Camp Spirit is a brand-new way to look at camp and the outdoors through a virtual camp experience. Each week of camp is a unique, full-day experience that encourages girls to explore, connect, and take action in the world around them! With a new theme each week, your girl can be challenged through multiple sessions.

Click here to register for Camp Spirit Sessions

Each day Camp Spirit will get girls up, moving, creating, and exploring! Campers will participate in two daily virtual sessions with their camp counselors and fellow campers. Between virtual connections, campers receive a daily schedule to guide them along their way through each project, task, and activity all while being guided by their camp counselors.

Five full days at Camp Spirit include curated activities and two virtual sessions per day, two outstanding camp counselors per small group, 2020 “Camp Re-Imagined” patch, and earned Girl Scout badges. Each week also includes a virtual campfire for the whole family on Wednesday night!

To Register, simply click on the green theme name and follow the instructions!

Date   Grade Level (in Fall 2020) Theme Focus Price

June 9th

3:00- 3:30

  All Camp Sneak Peek!
Learn about Camp Spirit!

June 11th

3:00- 3:30


  All Camp Sneak Peek! Learn about Camp Spirit!

June 12th

3:00- 3:30

  All Camp Sneak Peek! Learn about Camp Spirit! Free
June 15-10   2-8th  Mad Scientis STEM $80
June 22-26   6-12th Teen Retreat Teen focused activities and leadership $80
June 22-26   K-5th Camp Classics Camp fun! $80
June 27-28   K-8th and a female caregiver Me & My Gal Weekend Extravaganza Child/adult focused fun activities $75
June 29-July 2   2-8th Great Girl Scout Bake-Off Baking $70
July 6-10   2-8th Art in Action Art & Creativity $80
July 11-12   K-1st  Just for Daisies Age-appropriate activities for kindergarten & first graders $20
July 13-17   2-5th  Wilderness Girls Outdoor Skills $80
July 20-24   2-8th Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry Potter theme and Magic $80
July 25-26   K-8th Jack & Jill Weekend Extravaganza Child/adult focused fun activities $75
July 27-31   K-8th  Animal Lovers Animals and Pets $80
August 3-7   2-8th  Summer in Color Art & Creativity $80
August 3-14   9-12th Counselor-in-Training Leadership $80
August 10-14   2-8th  Survivor Outdoor Skills and Challenges $80

What does a typical Camp Spirit day look like? Sample below: 

10-11 am Virtual meet and greet with your counselors and fellow campers! Share your painting project from the day before. Counselors explain morning scavenger hunt challenge! Yay!
11-Noon Photo scavenger hunt challenge around your house and yard! Giggle and smile while looking at all the funny pictures and videos that you create. 
Noon-1 pm Lunch Break!
1-2 pm  Explore color theory while creating a nature-inspired, mix-media art project.
2-3 pm Reconnect with your counselors and fellow campers for a dessert “Iron Chief” challenge! The secret ingredient is Thin Mints and you have 45 minutes to create a delicious treat.
3-4 pm  Create a silly story/poem to share with your counselors and camper friends tomorrow morning

*Activites are subject to change.

Please check Zoom link and registration details about exact times for camp sessions.

Camp Echo - Day Camps

Camp Echo Day Camp will be an engaging and fun opportunity to make new friends, connect with other girls, discover passions, and let imaginations soar in a safe and controlled environment. 

Each week of Camp Echo includes outdoor activities like hiking, cookouts, and sports; creative outlets like skits, songs and art projects; an overarching theme to differentiate each week and of course the Girl Scout traditions that we all love like SWAPs, counselors with silly camp names, and friendship circle.

Click here to register for Camp Echo Sessions

Girls will be placed in activity groups with other girls who are in the same grade or Girl Scout level. Each activity group will have two dedicated camp counselors to lead them through activities and projects! No two weeks of camp are the same and every week of camp will help grow girls in courage, confidence, and character. 

Included in the price of camp is five full days of fun from 8:30 am to 5:15 pm, two camp counselors per each small group, all the supplies needed for daily camp activities, two snacks each day, a Summer Reimagined patch and earned Girl Scout badges.

To register, simply click on the green theme name and follow the instructions!

Date  Grade Levels Theme  Location  Focus Price
June 22-26  K-5th   Camp Classics  Friendship Square- Boise  Camp Fun!  $165
June 27-28  5-8th  Pedal & Roll Friendship Square- Boise  Mountain Biking  $40
June 29-July 2 2-8th  Wild Water Week Friendship Square- Boise Water Activities $150
June 29-July 10  9-12th  Counselor-in-Training Friendship Square- Boise Teen Leadership  $220
July 6-10  2-8th   Art in Action  Friendship Square- Boise  Art $165
July 11-12  K-1st   Just for Daisies!  Friendship Square- Boise  Activities just for Daisies  $80
July 13-17 2-5th  Wilderness Girls  Friendship Square- Boise  Outdoor Skills  $165
July 13-17 6-8th   Program Aid  Friendship Square- Boise  Middle School Leadership  $165
July 20-24 2-8th   Tri-Wizard Tournament Friendship Square- Boise  Harry Potter and Magic  $165
July 20-31 9-12th   Counselor-in-Training Friendship Square- Boise  Teen Leadership  $220
July 25-26 6-12th   Pedal & Roll Friendship Square- Boise  Mountain Biking  $40
July 27-31  2-8th   Animal Lovers  Friendship Square- Boise  Animals and Pets  $165
August 3-7  3-8th   Summer in Color Friendship Square- Boise Art $165
August 10-14 K-6th Wild Water Week Friendship Square- Boise Water $165

What does a typical Camp Echo day look like? See the sample below: 

Between 8:30 & 9:15 am Drop- off! Welcome to Camp Echo!
9 to 10:30 am Morning Activity
10:30 to Noon Connecting Activity
Noon to 1 pm Lunch and Free Play
1 to 2:30 pm Discovery Activity
2:30 to 4 pm Take-Action Activity
4 to 4:30 pm Girl Scout Traditions and Daily Wrap-up
4:30 to 5:15 pm Pick up! See you tomorrow! 

*Activites are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the email sent to all Silver Sage members. 


Will there be resident camp at CAP and TAM this summer?
After much consideration regarding public health recommendations on COVID-19 and the situation’s continuing uncertainty, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all 2020 summer resident camp programs at Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis and Camp Alice Pittenger.

Why did Silver Sage cancel summer camp 2020 sessions?
We have been closely monitoring the evolving situation with the COVID-19 pandemic in our state. We have reviewed guidance from medical experts, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), Central District Health, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, the CDC, and the American Camp Association, and others. At the end of the day, we determined that at this time we could not guarantee an adequate assurance of health and safety in our camp setting during this pandemic. Even as the state guidelines are potentially shifting and continually evolving, it is not feasible to maintain social distancing, including housing campers in such close proximity, and adhere to public gathering, extensive additional sanitation and other guidelines in our camp environment. In addition, we are not equipped to handle a quarantine or resurgence of the virus should it happen at one of our camps, located in small, remote communities.

Why not postpone the decision making until later in the summer?
We must make decisions that not only keep our campers and staff safe, but also wisely use our limited resources. With the current climate of uncertainty, we cannot expend resources in preparation while there is no assurance that extensive safety protocols will be lifted or modified to enable us to host residential camp. It is also not fair to ask our summer camp staff, who are normally recruited at this time of year, to maintain their availability to work for us when we know there is a strong possibility we will not be able to keep them employed. Instead, we’re shifting our resources to reimagine a camp summer with programs that create joy and wonder.

Will there be alternative camp options?
We can’t wait to share with you the outdoor and camp-themed virtual and in-person programs and day camps we are developing across our region. We’ll be launching registration by May 18.

How can you run in-person day programs but not resident camp?
Safety protocols in day programs with small groups are more manageable than in overnight programs with large groups. For in-person programs we will be coordinating with other youth-serving organizations on best-practice protocols. We will proceed with in-person programs as long as they safely align with state and local community recommendations.

Can I get a refund for camp?
All families registered for 2020 summer camps receive a full refund of their camp registration fee, deposit and other fees paid in the original form of payment. You also have the following options for your registration funds:

  • New summer programs! Put your registration fee toward the new summer reimagined 2020 programs and get ready for a summer of adventure she will always remember! 

  • Membership Renewal. Use part of it to renew your Girl Scout membership (for girls and volunteers) for 2021, and be counted in Early Bird rewards.

  • Pay it forward by helping other Girl Scouts. If you are able, consider turning your registration refund into a tax-deductible donation that will help keep the adventure going.

    Registered campers will receive an email early next week outlining all of the different options for your camp registration, including refunds and those listed above. Please look for this email before contacting our customer care team, as it will include detailed instructions on your options, alternatives, and refunds. 

How can I put my refund toward helping others or a tax-deductible donation?
If you are able, consider turning your registration refund into a tax-deductible donation that will help keep the adventure going for all Girl Scouts in our Council. While our Council is financially stable and has used its resources wisely, like many individuals, organizations and businesses, Girl Scouts of Silver Sage is feeling a significant financial impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can my Cookie Dough be refunded?
Yes, if you paid for your camp registration or deposit with Cookie Dough, your Cookie Dough will be returned or reissued by mail and may take at least four weeks for Cookie Dough to be received.

Can troops rent camp for since resident camp is closed? 
Camps, and all Council property, are closed to all troop camping and events until further notice.

Can Silver Sage property be rented?
Currently, all requests for property rentals or use, including Camp Alice Pittenger, Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis, Friendship Square, and the Leadership Center, are on hold as we explore safety recommendations and guidelines by relevant entities, such as hospitality industry associations, CDC, Ponderosa State Park and others. We are working to accommodate property rentals currently on the books for later in July, August and September, which were scheduled for after CAP’s regular season; and we will keep in touch with those renters as plans progress.

How can I find more information about COVID-19 related impacts and program opportunities?
The  Girl Scouts of Silver Sage COVID-19 Preparedness  page is regularly updated with information regarding office hours, retail, Cookie Program, Girl Scouts and Home, and other programs.

Camp Philosophy & Goals

Goals and Objectives for Camper Development

The following list details goals and objectives for Camp Alice Pittenger and Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis.

1. To build girls of courage.

a. Girl Scouts will participate in three or more activities to promote being courageous which could include the challenge course, outdoor cooking, camp songs, camp skits, swimming, smallcraft and/or nature.

b. All Girl Scouts will participate in getting-to-know-you games during the first 24 hours of camp to help make it easier for girls to be courageous in meeting new friends.

c. Staff will provide Girl Scouts with positive comments and encouragement to explore new activities and to stand tall in moments when courage is needed during their time at camp.

d. Staff will act as role models for girls to look up to while they are at camp.

2. To build girls of confidence.

a. Each unit will participate in closing camp skits and songs that they will create together giving girls the option to confidently sing in front of the whole camp.

b. Each Girl Scout will be able to participate in activities which include swimming, archery, smallcraft, and arts and crafts throughout their stay at camp where she will be able to gain confidence in praciticing new skills.

c. Staff will provide Girl Scouts with positive comments and encouragement to feel comfortable being their true selves while at camp.

d. Staff will act as models for girls to look up to while they are at camp.

3. To build girls of character.

a. Girl Scouts will live in cabins within a unit amongst other Girl Scouts. Within these groups, campers will be part of community-learning to make group decisions.

b. Each Girl Scout will participate in at least one unit kaper, all-camp kaper, or cookout kaper.

c. Each Girl Scout will participate in a democratic decision-making process within their unit to decide what activities they will do during block four each day as well as deciding on what activities they do during cabin’s own.

d. Girl Scouts will participate in meals served family style to promote a sense of community and togetherness.

e. Staff will act as models for girls to look up to while they are at camp.

4. To build girls who make the world a better place.

a. Girl Scouts will participate in at least one leave Leave No Trace activity during their time at camp.

b. Each Girl Scout will learn how to use resources wisely while at camp by participating in at least one activity which could include, outdoor cooking, arts and crafts, meal times and/or nature.

c. Girl Scouts will participate in taking only what they need at meal times.

d. Staff will act as models for girls to look up to while they are at camp.

Our Philosophy
Summer camp is a special place where magic appears, friendships are made and girls learn not only about themselves, but about the outside world in which they live. It’s a place where girls are able to challenge themselves mentally and physically in a safe and fun environment. The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage’s summer camps, Camp Alice Pittenger (CAP) and Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis (TAM) hires over 40 individuals from all over the United States and internationally, to bring the magic and fun our campers crave. Safety and supervision are top priorities at CAP and TAM. We highlight respect for self and others, trying new things and giving girls an opportunity to accept and be accepted. Our staff believes in the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Our Training
Safety and supervision are top priorities at Camp Alice Pittenger and Camp Ta-Man-A-Wis. Staff consists of adults who are carefully screened and selected based on their abilities to work with youth in an outdoor setting. During this time, staff will be trained on Girl Scout Basics, Site Use, Day To Day at Camp, Camp Programming, Outdoor Skills, Health, Safety, and Emergency Procedures, and Behavior Management.

Thank you to our sponsors

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