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Program Events/Activities Financial Assistance Application We are committed to ensuring all girls have the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts. In order to remove financial barriers that may interfere, we offer limited funds to help members who would be unable to join in Girl Scout activities without financial support from the council.

Financial assistance is not a primary source of funding for members or troops. Troops are encouraged to facilitate girl-led financial planning for their activities. However, we understand that sometimes assistance is needed. Financial assistance is based on need and may cover anywhere between 20% and 80% of the program fee.

To apply for financial aid for council programming events and activities click Here or contact for application. (Note: this is for council program events and activities only. Service Unit or troop events are not included.)

Event and Activity Policies


Registration for Girl Scouts of Silver Sage sponsored events is based on space available, and processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Unless otherwise specified, registrations close one week prior to the event.

Troops and individuals (girls and adults) must be registered for the current Girl Scout year to register or participate in an event. If the event is a recruitment event, an exception will be made.

The appropriate event/activity adult-girl ratios, as outlined in SafetyWise and Volunteer Essentials, must be followed. Event listings will indicate whether it is a drop off event or if parent/guardian or leaders are required.

Event registrations can be completed online through the links below or through the council calendar.

WAITING LIST - If an activity has filled, we do start a waiting list. Quite often a girl will not be able to attend, so we do refer to the waiting list to fill these spots. If you receive notification that an activity is full, please contact to add your daughter to the wait list.

JULIETTES - Juliette Girl Scouts may attend all events for their program age level unless otherwise noted.

TAG-ALONGS - A Tag-along is defined as a non-registered child, or a registered Girl Scout who is not of the level specified for the program, event, or activity.

Tag-alongs are not permitted at an event unless the event registration specifically states otherwise in which case Tag-alongs must pay the event fee.

PROGRAM EVENT AND ACTIVITY CANCELLATION POLICY- GSSSC is reluctant to cancel programs. However, occasionally the need arises due to weather, safety concerns or low registration. When bad weather results in a cancellation, every attempt will be made to contact the registrants. Please maintain accurate contact information with Girl Scouts so staff can reach you in the event of a last-minute cancellation.

• Due to safety rules and staffing requirements, participating Girl Scouts cannot be dropped off more than 10 minutes early. Guardians who arrive earlier will be asked to stay until the 10 minute time is reached.
• If a Girl Scout is picked up late, a $15 fee for every 15 minutes or fraction thereof will be applied.
• If you are going to be late, you must contact the Council office (or Program Phone in your confirmation email) to avoid being charged the late fee.
• After 15 minutes, if no one has called Council, activity staff will call guardian and if needed, emergency contact.
• Girl Scouts left after 1 hour past the end of activity, without notification, may be released to the authorities or child protective services

REFUNDS - Refunds are only given if written cancellations are received prior to the registration deadline, which can be found in the activity description. Full refunds are issued after the printed registration deadline for council programs only if the program is full or cancelled or in the event of a serious illness or death in the family. For serious illness, a doctor’s written note is required within one week after the program


To use Cookie Dough to pay for a registration fee for Program Activities, please check the activity description to see if Cookie Dough is allowed. If it is, contact to make sure there is space available, complete the Program Registration Form, and then either drop off or mail both the Cookie Dough and completed form to theBoise Office (ATTN: Program Department; 8948 W Barnes St. Boise, ID 83701)

Make sure to follow all guidelines listed on the Cookie Dough.

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