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Ways to Volunteer

Be the troop leader that supports her every week—the one that watches her smile get bigger as she grows more confident. Mentor a Girl Scout Cookie Professional during cookie season so she can earn enough to reach the goals she and her troop set. Or work with other adults to provide the kind of behind-the-scenes support that makes it possible for her to make amazing new memories at Girl Scouts.

Whether you can give a few hours, a few weeks, or a few months, volunteering with Girl Scouts is flexible and fun.

Volunteer Roles


Troop Volunteers - Troop volunteers work together to provide a quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience for girls through service to the girls assigned to their troop. The team structure allows each volunteer to maximize his or her skills as they pertain to troop leadership. (Troop Leaders, Treasurer, Fall Product/Cookie Manager, 1st Aid/CPR, Chaperones, Drivers, Helpers)


Service Unit Team Volunteers - Service units are teams of volunteers who work together to provide a quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience for the girls in their community through events and other activities.
            SU Manager
            Cookie/Fall Product Manager
            Troop Coach
            Event Coordinator


Special Event Committees – Join our council events teams as they create events that educate and inspire girls, parents, and volunteers and engage the community in supporting our mission. (Annual Conference, Scouting Stars, Fundraising Events)


Teen Advisory Committee – Provide support and guidance to TAC members during the year.


Gold Award Committee - Support Gold Award candidates and the Gold Award process set forth by Girl Scouts of USA (GSUSA) and GSEMA through direct support of individual girls’ projects and aspirations to earn the highest award in Girl Scouting.


Outdoor Volunteers - Outdoor Volunteers coordinate with council staff and work with girls and/or adults in the Outdoor Pathway. Volunteers can serve as trainers, day camp volunteers, outdoor trip chaperones and help with special events at camp.


Day Camp Volunteers – Guide girls through pre-planned activities with help of other adults and/or teen mentors.


Expert Volunteers - Do you have specific skills or passions you can share? Lend local troops a hand by teaching girls about your area of expertise. Whether you're experienced in improv comedy, computer programming, public speaking, or using power tools, building girl leaders takes a village, and your knowledge is needed!  


Trainers - Empower adults who work with girls to deliver a quality program.


Juliette Mentors - Girl Scout Juliette Mentor is a parent/guardian or trusted adult who guides a Juliette (individual Girl Scouts not participating in a troop) through her Girl Scout experience. Mentors lead their girl, just as troop leaders lead their troop.


Visions Mentors - Mentors meet with about 10-12 girls in an all-girl, team-based environment for 30-45 minutes at their school once a week during the lunch hour.


Program Events - Help throughout the year at large council organized activities for girls. For Example, watch girls explore their interest at STEM events (October), and Cookie Rally (December).


Traveling Stores – Assist our retail team with traveling store events.


Administration Assistance – Mailings, phone-a-thon


Property Improvement Days – Camp Work Days



Please contact Membership Development at (208)377-2011 to volunteer for any of these opportunities.