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Annual Conference is an annual Silver Sage Council celebration, recognition, and business meeting. Networking and mingling for adult volunteers and parents kicks off the fun on Friday evening. Saturday hosts a full day of workshops, guest speakers, and awards. The event concludes with our annual business meeting.

Our bylaws require an annual meeting of the membership, (comprised of board members, nominating committee members, and council delegates) and is conducted in April every year. All Girl Scouts of Silver Sage adult members are invited to the events on Friday and Saturday. This year, Saturday boasts a fun Teen Track for girls 8th grade and older!

This year’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Wyndham Garden in Boise.


Annual Conference Friday/Saturday Adult, April 26 - 27, 2018 $49.00
Friday Night Only "Super Leader" Social, April 26, 6:30 – 8:30 pm $25.00
Saturday Only April 27, 8:30 am – 5:15 pm Includes 3 sessions, lunch, and Annual Business Meeting $35.00
Annual Business Meeting 3:15 pm -4:15 pm, Delegate Q & A 4:30 pm-5:15 pm No Charge

Friday, April 26  Wyndham Garden Boise Airport
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.            No-Host Reception and Social Hour 
                                       This year's theme is Super Leader's! Wear your best Super  Leader costume and win a fun prize. Games, photo booth, raffles, and more. Thanks to SU01!

Saturday, April 27   Wyndham Garden Boise Airport             
8:00  - 8:30 a.m.          Registration
8:45 - 11:00 p.m.          Workshop Sessions (Session 1 and Session 2)
11:10 - 12:10                  General Session with Lynn Schmidt, PhD
12:15 - 12:30 p.m.         Pre-luncheon Break & Investiture Ceremony                           
12:30 - 3:00 p.m.          Recognitions Luncheon (Enjoy Keynote Speaker, Megan Bryant, Author, Comedian, Girl Scout and Improv Trainer)
3:10 - 4:20 p.m.           Annual Business Meeting 
4:30 - 5:15 p.m.           Delegate Meeting Annual Business Meeting (Vote on proposed changes to By-Laws, Election and Installation of Board Members, "State of the Council" by CEO, Pat Pyke, and Board Chair, Holli Wooding)

Guest Speakers
Workshop Descriptions
Teen Conference

Teen Conference Workshops for girls 8th grade and older!

Empower Me! - This workshop focuses on preventing stranger and peer violence. Girls will practice physical skills, verbal strategies, boundary setting skills, awareness and avoidance skills, and psychological strategies and mental readiness.  Wear comfortable clothes for this workshop.

Let’s BUJO - Stressed out with your to-do list? Losing track of your assignments and important dates? Love to be creative? If you answered “yes”, bullet journaling (BUJO) may be just right for you!  Develop some new habits for developing mindfulness and productivity while learning ways to better organize your time, track your goals and so much more. Supplies provided.

Warrior Girls - Roll out your mat and wake up third chakra energy for confidence, strengthen the back for a healthy spine, and recognize the beauty within! We will build internal heat with a vinyasa flow, followed by a calming, stress-relieving yin-style class to stretch and strengthen the body. Emphasis is on building awareness of the breath and the body. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat if you have one.

Geek Jewelry – This workshop is all about thinking outside the box by using things meant to be inside the box—the computer box, that is: resistors, capacitors, shiny things. Those parts that are never meant to be seen can be turned into ear ware, neck ware, wrist ware, etc.

From Cookie Dough to Cash – As a Girl Scout, you know how to set goals, raise funds for projects and activities and to set budgets.  All from the “Cookie Business”.  Now learn how to make money work for you to get what you want!

WebWise - The Internet can be a really great tool, fun to surf in your spare time, and totally entertaining. But remember, some things are just too good to be true. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people sometimes take advantage of others, especially youth. It’s good to be prepared; this may happen to a friend or a sibling. Anything on the Internet, whether it’s chat rooms or web sites, that attracts you and your friends will also attract predators. Learn some tips on how you can prevent and protect yourself, being WebWise.

Ready, Set, Travel – Dream of traveling the world, seeing new places, experiencing other cultures?  This workshop will walk you through setting your goals, budgeting for your dream trip and explore all the opportunities for travel available through Girl Scouts.

Fashion FUNdamentals - Did you know that your interest in fashion can be used to practice skills in science, technology, engineering, and math?  In today’s fashion, designers are incorporating elements of STEM including LED lights, 3D printing, and textile creation.  In this workshop girls will create their own accessory using circuits and discover how to make creative textiles using everyday items.   

Stomp Out Drama – General Session
Connie will share how to utilize some great tools to win and get what you want through your communications, and prevent drama from entering a situation.  You will learn how to get away from drama if you are unintentionally causing it or it is occurring in your life. It is possible to live a drama free life of positivity and gain respect from your friends and family.  No more drama queens or kings! 

Brain Architecture - The Brain Architecture Game for Teens is a fun, interactive experience that will give teens insight into how positive and negative experiences shape brains. Participants will be challenged to work together in teams to build the best brain they can, given the cards they are dealt: The tallest brain wins!  Throughout the game and afterwards, Taryn Yates from the Idaho Children’s Fund will review fun facts on brain development that parallels the participants gaming experience.  Participants will be invited to share their thoughts and discuss the ways the information can help them in their lives.


Session 1, 9:20 am - 10:20 (choose 1)
Web Wise
Let's BUJO
Brain Architecture

10:20 – 10:45     Break - Snack

10:45 – 11:45     General Session 1

11:50 – 1:00        Lunch (Guest Speaker)

Session 2, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm (choose 1)
Empower Me!
Geek JewleryLet's BUJO
Ready, Set, Travel

2:15 – 2:30          Break

Session 3, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm (choose 1)
Warrior Girls
Fashion FUNdamentals
From Cookie Dough to Cash
Gold Award Training

3:40 - 4:45           General Session 2

4:45 – 5:00          Closing

Wyndham Garden Boise Airport Reservations
Call: 1(208) 343-4900
Group Rate is $94 King or Double
(for reservations made prior to April 12)
Use Block Code: 0426700GI

What happens at the annual meeting?
What happens at the Annual Meeting

numbersElect officers, directors at large, members of the Board Development Committee; and every three years, the delegates and alternates to the National Convention.

number1_32Consider any proposed amendments to the bylaws.

number3_32Provide input on key issues affecting the Council and the Movement.

number4_32Consider any other business appropriate to come before the corporation in accordance with the process established by the board of directors.

Adult Recognitions

Adult Recognitions

VOLUNTEERS ARE THE HEARTS AND HANDS OF GIRL SCOUTS, and we take pride in recognizing our members for their commitment, volunteer service, and exceptional contributions.

The continued celebration of service depends on you to nominate adult Girl Scouts in your communities. Please honor outstanding members by submitting your nomination to the Council office or to your Service Unit Manager.

National, Council and Service Unit Award Information Packets and nomination/letter of endorsement forms have been updated and are easier than ever! See categories below.

New The Service Unit Nomination and Endorsement Letter forms are just one page! In addition, a writeable certificate has been added for additional recognition, such as Father of the Year, Family of the Year and Community Partner of the Year.

New An alphabetical list of all awards received is now online so you will know what your candidate may have received in the past. In general, recognitions begin at the Service Unit level before proceeding to the Council and National levels.

New National and Council Awards require a nomination and just one well-written letter of endorsement with two additional signatures (except Thanks I and II and the Diana Lawson Award which still require three separate endorsement letters).

Any registered adult Girl Scout can nominate and receive Service Unit, Council and National awards.

Thank you for the energy you bring to the Adult Recognitions Program.

Deadline is February 1st for Board-Approved Council and National Nomination Packets

Years of Membership and Years of Volunteer Service Request Form

Recognizes active adult members who have completed five or more years of Membership and Commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Pins for 5 and 10 years are presented by the member’s Service Unit. Pins for 15 or more years are presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon (or by the member’s service unit). Application form required.

Recognizes active adult members who have served as Girl Scout Volunteers for five or more years.  Pins for 5 and 10 years are presented by the volunteer’s service unit. Pins for 15 or more years are presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon (or by the volunteer’s service unit). Application form required.

Service Unit Approved Awards and Forms

Rookie of the Year

Recognizes an active troop leader or co-leader for the first year at any grade level who has completed the basic leadership courses who demonstrates outstanding performance in helping girls develop courage, confidence and character.  This award requires two letters of endorsement from adult troop members or parents. The Service Unit purchases this pin.

Outstanding Volunteer Pin

Recognizes an active, registered, trained volunteer who has provided outstanding service in a capacity other than leader or co-leader in helping to develop girls of courage, confidence and character.  No letters of endorsement are required. Council purchases two awards per year per Service Unit. Service Units purchase additional pins.

Outstanding Leader Pin

Recognizes an active, registered Troop Leader or Co-Leader who has completed all appropriate trainings and who demonstrates outstanding performance in developing girls of courage, confidence and character who live by the Girl Scouts Promise and Law. Two letters of endorsement are required from troop members or their families. Council purchases two awards per year per Service Unit. Service Units purchase additional pins.

Board Approved Silver Sage Council and National Awards and Form

President’s Award

Recognizes the efforts of a Service Unit team or committee whose exemplary service results in significant, measureable impact toward achieving the Girl Scout Mission. Nominations should address the committee’s or service unit’s accomplishments in leadership training, leadership retention, membership engagement, diversity, community contacts, on‐time reports and service area communications. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Volunteer of Excellence

Recognizes outstanding service from an active adult volunteer while partnering directly with girls or who has contributed outstanding service in support of the Girl Scout Mission. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Appreciation Pin

Recognizes outstanding service from an active Girl Scout adult member which contributes to and impacts achievement of the Girl Scout Mission in one or more geographic area, service units or program delivery audiences. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Honor Pin

Recognizes outstanding service from an active Girl Scout adult member which contributes to and impacts achievement of the Girl Scout Mission in two or more geographic area, service units or program delivery audiences. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Thanks Badge

The Thanks Badge recognizes a Girl Scout adult member whose outstanding service benefits the entire Silver Sage Council or the entire Girl Scout Movement, and is so significantly beyond expectations that no other award would be appropriate.  It recognizes an individual whose ongoing commitment, leadership and service has an exceptional, measureable impact on the Girl Scout Mission.  This award requires two letters of endorsements.

Thanks Badge II

Recognizes an active Girl Scout adult member who has previously received the Thanks Badge and whose outstanding service to the Silver Sage Council and/or the entire Girl Scout organization continues to demonstrate exemplary, measurable service in a leadership role which impacts the Girl Scout Mission. This award requires two letters of endorsements.

Betty Boyd Memorial Award

The BETTY BOYD MEMORIAL AWARD is named after a very dedicated Girl Scout Leader who became a trainer in order to guide other leaders to fulfill the Girl Scout Mission. This award recognizes adult Girl Scout Troop Leaders or Co-Leaders who have served in troop leadership for three or more years and whose outstanding service merits recognition by the entire Silver Sage Council.  The nominee must have previously received at least one of the following awards: Outstanding Leader, Outstanding Volunteer or Rookie of the Year given by a Service Unit. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Jo Jameson Award

The JO JAMESON AWARD is named after a very active Girl Scout troop leader, service unit director, day camp coordinator and trainer who served Silver Sage Council for over 16 years. The Jo Jameson Award recognizes excellence in training at the Council level and recognizes for active Girl Scout members who have served as a Council trainer for at least three years. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Jo McAtee VIP Memorial Pin

The JO McATEE VIP MEMORIAL AWARD is named after an active Lifetime Member of Silver Sage Council who served as a leader, master trainer and association delegate. The Jo McAtee VIP Memorial Award recognizes an active Girl Scout Volunteer who delivers continuous, consistent, outstanding leadership to a service unit area in two separate leadership positions for a minimum of four consecutive years. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Diana Lawson Award

The DIANA LAWSON AWARD is the Silver Sage Council’s highest adult award, and is name for current Lifetime Member, Diana Lawson, who has actively served Silver Sage Council for over 55 years.  The Diana Lawson Award recognizes an active Girl Scout who has been a member for a minimum of five years and has received BOTH the Thanks Badge and the Thanks Badge II.  This award recognizes furtherance of the entire Girl Scout Movement through public and highly visible community involvement. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Outstanding Service to the Community Award

The Outstanding Service to the Community Award recognizes an active Girl Scout member who has given significant and outstanding service to the community through other groups or organizations beyond the expectations of his/her normal position. This award requires two letters of endorsement, one of which must be from a partner organization.

Millie Carey Board Member of Influence

The Millie Carey Board Member of Influence is named after Millie Carey who served as a Girl Scout volunteer for 67 years.  The Millie Carey Board Member of Influence recognizes longevity and community engagement and is given to a current member of the Board of Directors of Silver Sage Council who has been an active community volunteer for a minimum of 10 years, has served on the Silver Sage Council Board of Directors for a minimum of three years. This award requires two letters of endorsement.

Community Partner Award

The Outstanding Community Partner Award recognizes continued outstanding support of Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council by an individual or business for more than three years through contributions of time and/or services. This award requires two letter of endorsement.


Please note: Forms are fillable, remember to save your completed form with a new file name before sending to

For more info on fillable forms, click here