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COVID-19 Guidelines


Last updated: August 31, 2021

At Girl Scouts of Silver Sage, there is nothing we take more seriously than the safety and well-being of our girls, volunteers, families, and staff members.  The following guidelines are designed to ensure the continued safety and well-being of girls and is developed based on guidance issued by the Center for Disease Control and Girl Scouts of the USA.  Girl Scouts of Silver Sage may modify this guidance, from time to time as circumstances change.

In-Person Troop Meetings & Activities COVID-19 Guidelines

When meeting and doing activities in-person, please follow the following guidelines:

- Consider and weigh risks in partnership with families
- Asses symptoms using the COVID-19 Pre-Screening form
- Ask girls and adults to wear face coverings, especially when indoors
- Outdoors is preferred to indoors, whenever possible 
- Limit group sizes and allow for physical distancing of at least 6 feet
- Follow hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
- Carry disinfectants and make sure girls are using them appropriately 
- Girls bring their own snacks and supplies whenever possible 


Service Unit Events

Service Unit events.  All events must be approved by Council prior to the event and follow all Council, national, state, and local health and safety guidelines. Please submit the  Intent to Operate a Service Unit Event   form to   with a description of precautions your event will take to limit the potential COVID-19 exposure for girls, volunteers and families. Please use the  Permission for Special Activities form on our website for participants attending the event. 

Travel and Overnight Stays

Travel & Overnight Stays.  Travel within the state of Idaho and United States is allowed, when COVID-19 guidelines are followed and precautions are adhered to, including the guidance provided in the COVID-19 guidance for volunteers (outlined in this document) and national, state and local health and safety regulations.  If you are traveling out of the state of Idaho, troops are expected to research the states’ restrictions and plan to meet all safety requirements.  Regardless of COVID-19 restrictions and updates, volunteers must always follow guidance in Safety Activity Checkpoints. 

Prior to traveling, Troops must:

  1. Complete and submit the “Intent to Travel” form to Council for prior approval

  1. Complete and submit the “Preparing for Travel in a COVID Environment” form with your “Intent to Travel” paperwork for approval (at least one month in advance of travel).  The “Preparing for Travel in a COVID Environment” form is designed to help you determine what guidance you need to plan to mitigate risk and allow for a safe journey.  If you have a Trip/Travel Application on file, please complete this form and forward for inclusion with your application. 

Special Considerations for Traveling:

  • When making overnight accommodations, ensure that there will be at least six feet distance between the travelers’ heads while sleeping.

  • We strongly recommend COVID vaccinations and COVID testing when possible for all eligible travelers.

  • Consider purchasing travel insurance (be sure to understand if the policy has COVID-19 or pandemic exclusions) 

  • Consider planning to bring 1-2 adults beyond the ratio-required number of adults and to pre-book an extra accommodation space, in case it is necessary to isolate a traveler from the rest of the group.  

Contingency Planning:

Although travel plans are often arranged several months in advance, we ask that all Troops/Service Units recognize that the COVID-19 risk is fluid; it can and will change, and  contingencies should be  planned ahead  of time for re-scheduling, cancelling, or pivoting  to a different activity or a virtual event. For all planned trips, create a timeline and identify a drop-dead date when decisions must be made about whether to move forward with the planned trip, based primarily on the safety of the girls, along with financial commitment deadlines and/or other factors. You should also consider purchasing travel insurance but be sure to read all fine print and ask questions to ensure COVID or pandemic-related cancellation is covered; it is often excluded.  

The following resources from the Center for Disease Control can help you and your Troop plan for a safe journey: 

CDC Guidelines for Camping and Visiting Parks & Recreation Sites

CDC Guidelines for Domestic Travel

Safer Travel Ideas (know your risk)

CDC Social Activity Guidance (including overnight travel) 

CDC Suggestions for Youth & Summer Camps 

Educator Travel Toolkit  (Student Youth Travel Organization)

Reporting and Communicating a Positive COVID 19 Case

Reporting and communicating a positive COVID 19 test.
 In the event of a COVID-19 positive test result, please follow the CDC guidelines.