Work at Camp

Work at Camp.

Girl Scouts are forces of nature. You're a force of nature, too, and we need you.

Working at camp is a life-changing experience. Camp staff are role models, self-confidence boosters, unconditional friends, caregivers, and cheerleaders. In the eyes of our campers, you are real-life superheroes who love to play as much as they do.

Working at camp is a game-changer. What does camp give you?

A job at camp can prepare you for your first year of college, managing your finances, living with roommates, handling emergencies, working effectively with others, and caretaking and supervising children and staff. You can apply the skills you learn over the summer to any profession you choose to go into.

Working at camp gives you a competitive edge when applying for jobs and internships because you walk away equipped with the 21st Century skills that employers are looking for. A job at camp gives you communication skills, the ability to collaborate, critical thinking skills, creativity, and the ability to think on your feet and be flexible.  

You will also walk away with incredible friendships that you'll have for the rest of your life. Real friends who will have your back and celebrate your successes.

Not only do you walk away with valuable skills, new certifications and incredible friendships, you also get paid to have fun and bring your best silly, goofy self!

Name: Kristen “Peach” McAdams            

Camp: Echo

Role at Camp: Program Manager

Favorite Thing at Camp: Making New Friends

Favorite Camp Song: Hermie The Worm

If you could have one animal in my pocket, what would it be?: A dragon named Misty. She breathes warm air on my hands when they are chilly.

Are Noodle People real?: Yes, I believe I saw one walking a jackalope at Yellowstone two years ago.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at camp?: Hiking the foothills, playing disc golf and reading.

Name: Taylor “Gizmo” Jensen

Camp: Camp Echo

Role at Camp: Camp Director

Favorite Thing at Camp: The campers! I love getting to meet all the new faces and catch up with returning friends. 

Favorite Camp Song: It's a tie between Boa Constrictor and Moon on the Meadow

If you could have one animal in your pocket, what would it be?: A Komodo dragon

Are Noodle People real?... That is classified information that you'll just have to find out for yourself at camp...

What do you like to do when you're not at camp? Hang out with my cats Neuman and Bagheera, go on adventures, and try new things. This year I am working on cross country skiing and downhill skiing!

Name: Liz "Tundra" Nevills

Camp: TAM

Role at Camp: Director

Favorite Thing at Camp: The mountain, wildflowers, and hiking

Favorite Camp Song: Moon on the Meadow & Oh' Cheaster

If you could have one animal in my pocket, what would it be?: A pika because they are cute and hard workers. They are also very closely connected to the environment

Are Noodle People real?: YES! Was there ever really any question?

What do you like to do when you aren't at camp?: I love to take my kids out dog sledding with me on snow and with wheels and compete in the Idaho dog sled races.

  • Staff will sleep in a unit with the campers they oversee for the week. Each unit has 4-8 cabins that sleep 6-8 people. There is a designated cabin that is central to the rest of the cabins where the staff will sleep. The rest of the cabins are for campers.
  • Cabins in units do not have any electricity, but in the past staff have found battery operated lights, portable chargers, battery operated fans and even solar chargers to be helpful in making their cabin feel like a home for the summer. Staff have also decorated their bunks with photos from home, battery operated string lights, sheets, and a comforter. You will share your cabin with 3-6 other staff members and will likely move at least once or twice during the summer.
  • At Camp TAM there is one unit of cabins, but the rest of the units have canvas wall tents. These tents sleep 8 people and will either have mattresses on the ground or sturdy cots that bunk. Similar to the cabin units – the most central tent will be the counselor tent, the rest will sleep campers.
  • One of the best perks about working at camp is that you have a summer with access to ALL the fun activities that camp has to offer. During time off, staff are allowed to use all of the same program areas that campers get to use during the week!
  • Both overnight camps have a wide variety of weekend exploration opportunities outside of camp as well. Camp Alice Pittenger is in the lovely mountain town of McCall with lots of yummy restaurants, cute shops, and outdoor activities to choose from. CAP is also just 2.5 hours away from the bustling city of Boise if you’re looking for a short weekend getaway or a day trip.
  • Some of the weekend activities that staff have planned in the past include renting a jet ski, white water rafting on world class rapids down the Payette River, family dinners on camp and off, group trips to Boise for shopping, paddling trips, and camping trips.
  • While Camp TAM is rather remote, there are still plenty of opportunities for fun staff outings during time off. With Yellowstone National Park being 2.5 hours away, Jackson Hole, WY being 1.5 hours away with quick access to Grand Teton National Park, and Idaho Falls, ID being a little over an hour away there are options for the outdoor adventurer and the indoor shopper and coffee sipper.